Scheduled Dates

11/17/2020   06:00 PM  08:00 PM
11/24/2020   06:00 PM  08:00 PM
12/1/2020   06:00 PM  08:00 PM
12/8/2020   06:00 PM  08:00 PM

A Cosmic Journey

Dates: 11/17/2020 to 12/8/2020
Schedule: Tu 06:00 PM - 08:00 PM

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Located in : Cohn School, 121
Instructor: Duncan Davis

Embark on a cosmic journey through the galaxy and our solar system from its formation. Travel at the speed of light as we gaze into the past and catch a glimpse of the future. Students will learn about the planets, how stars are born, how they die, and the supernovae corpses they leave behind.

Age Range:  18  -  & UP