Scheduled Dates

11/18/2019   06:00 PM  07:30 PM
11/25/2019   06:00 PM  07:30 PM
12/2/2019   06:00 PM  07:30 PM
12/9/2019   06:00 PM  07:30 PM

Music as Memoir

Dates: 11/18/2019 to 12/9/2019
Schedule: Mo 06:00 PM - 07:30 PM

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Located in : Cohn School, 117
Instructor: Sheri Malman

Regular Student: $40.00

Explore the intersection of music and memories to jumpstart your memoir, spice up your journal, or gift yourself some dedicated writing time. We’ll spin–and stream–tunes, sample a variety of personal narratives, and try framing our own stories with the music that makes them special. Be prepared to draft, workshop, polish, and share; just bring your groove, a favorite writing utensil, a dedicated notebook, and/or your laptop.

Please note: the date in the catalog is incorrect. This class ends December 9, not 29.

Age Range:  18  -  & UP